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Client Testimonials
"We loved working with you."

Kurt and Susan Ludwick (Landrum, SC)

"We are very happy with the home, and we can't wait to move in. We planted grass yesterday and will begin to move our belongings over in the next week. We sincerely appreciate the quality as well as the speed of construction. The entire process of construction was easy from our perspective, not the stressful situation we had been warned of."


Dear Compass Homes,
To all the great staff, thank you so much for the wonderful experience we had building our new home (pictured). Things really went well and you all were willing to help in any way possible. We can hardly believe from the time you broke ground, till the time we moved in was only 3 months. We are so thankful for all you did. We loved working with you a few years back on our other house, but this time was even better. Micah did an extremely good job!

Please keep in touch and anytime you would like to show the house feel free to!

Thanks again!

The Glass Family
(Ricky, Dawn & lil Rick)

Connie and Dewayne Reece (Taylors, SC)

“Any time you called Don, it would be taken care of. Everything we put on the list has been corrected. Everyone was there to help.”  

Kelli and Brent Robertson (Lyman, SC)
“We had gone through five builders,” Kelli Robertson said. “From day one, I just knew this was who we wanted to go with. One thing that is really good about Compass Homes is their warranty program.”

When their washer flooded into their garage, “We didn’t know what to do. Their customer service is top notch. You know that if anything goes wrong, they’re going to take care of it.”

Bob and Betty Didion (Gray Court, SC)

Bob and Betty Didion had built houses before and had experienced rather messy job sites. But with Compass Homes, “Anytime I went to the house, it was real clean,” Bob said. “That’s unusual.”

Russell and Pamela Drummond (Greer, SC)

“The biggest reason (we chose Compass) was to customize the home (pictured) the way I wanted,” Pamela Drummond said. Compared to their prior building experience with another builder, Pamela said Compass was “a lot more organized. They were very efficient. They were very informative throughout the process. There were no big surprises as there were with our first home. Overall, it was a very good experience.”

“We did have a small challenge (during building), but they came with a good work-around for us,” Pamela said. “They came right to us and told us what was going on.”

What she likes most about her Compass home, Pamela said is “probably the fact that we haven’t had any issues with it since we moved in (2 years ago) that we had to go back to Compass Homes and ask them about.”

James and Rose Maxwell (Belton, SC)

“We were looking around and my husband found the ad in the paper. So we went in to see Steve Brown and we liked him,” Rose Maxwell said, remembering how they found Compass Homes.

Rose and James chose a plan from the Compass portfolio and customized it a bit to better suit their needs. “This house is great,” Rose said. “It’s well laid out. It’s well thought out.”

John and Erica Toen
John and Erika Toen discovered Compass Homes through an advertisement. “We went to see them and we stayed with them,” Erika Toen said.

Having built several homes before, the Toen’s were able to compare building experiences. “(With Compass) you’re like family,” Erika said. “You get to know everyone. You get to know everyone in the company.”

“It’s a lovely home,” Erika said. “It’s a very warm home. It’s my home; it’s not some other builder’s home.”

Lee and Glenda Featherstone
Lee and Glenda Featherstone worked with Compass early in the company’s history.

“I liked the people and the flexibility of the plans we were working with,” Lee Fetherstone said. “We’re happy with the house. I hope every house they build is a masterpiece. I’m a Compass fan. On the whole, they did very well.”

James and Lori Nisbet

James and Lori Nisbet moved into their Compass home in August 2007. “My husband did a lot of the investigating into the company,” Lori said. “I personally liked them because I really liked the people in the office, they were ready to help. They are absolutely fabulous.”

“I think Compass Homes was more apt to make you happy, no matter what,” Lori said.

“They immediately changed. They always kept their cool. They were always composed.

After six months in their new home, Lori said, “I think they did an absolutely fabulous job. I am so pleased with what they’ve done. Yeah, there are a few problems, but they are minor. They got exactly what we were looking for.”

Sally Wasson

“They did everything we asked them to do,” Sally Wasson said. “We had a lot of changes. They made a lot of adjustments for us; otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to pick out a plan.”

Alan and Bettianne Saul

“We had a couple (builders) say they could, one said they would, and Compass was the only one that did,” Alan Saul said. “They’ve done a fantastic job.”
From the start of the building process, the Sauls knew their piece of land presented some challenges. “It was difficult; there were a lot of problems,” Alan said. “We knew that going in. They always took the extra step. They stuck through it. The bottom line is, here we are. If I had to do it again, I’d choose Compass.”

Compass Homes acknowledges that no project is perfect, and we invite you to speak further with our clients regarding all aspects of their building experience. Many of our clients are also available to show their homes upon request. Contact us for more information.
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