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"A Compass Home is YOUR home."
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The key to building a Compass home is customization. Every home we build is crafted with the idea that we are building YOUR new home. Whether you have a simple sketch on a napkin, a full blown blue print or you would like to use one of our many customizable plans, we are interested in making sure your home is unique to you. Come talk with our team and let us learn about you and your hopes for your new home.

Visit Our Design Center.

Finalize Your Plans.
Once you have settled on a design and picked all of your interior specs, we will sit down with you to show you a digital layout of your home. This allows us to show you every brick of your new home before we even break ground. You are always allowed to make revisions on your plans, however, and we'll take as long as we need to get it right.  When you build a Compass Home you are in charge of everything.

Guaranteed Pricing.

Not only are you able to see every brick of your home before we begin building, but you will know the cost of each brick as well. We offer line by line pricing up front--a rare thing in our industry. There are no surprises with a Compass Home. And, if you decide to change something along the way, your pricing sheet will be updated immediately.



Break Ground.
Once we have finalized the plans, shown you your customized home and guaranteed pricing sheet, we'll begin building your Compass Home right away. We keep a very clean and safe work site at all times, and you are always welcome to visit your home as well as bring friends and family to see it. As a bonus feature, Compass Home owners are able to view their home development online with large photos and comments. You will be able to watch your home come to life right from your desk!

Perhaps one of the most time-consuming aspects of building a custom home is making all the choices. From gutters to carpet, the decisions are up to you, and you can spend hours searching far and wide for materials that suit your taste. At Compass Homes we simplify the decision-making process by giving you access to our unique Design Center, where we've compiled the best home products available in one place and hired experienced designers to help you make great choices on shingles, sinks, and everything in between.

Of course you’re not obligated to use our Design Center. As always, our emphasis is on keeping your home personal, so you’re welcome to use any designers and products you like.

Move In.

When we're finished, it's time for you to move into your home! We love being the first to introduce our home owners to their new home and we look forward to giving you a tour. When you move in, however, you are not left alone. We will come back to inspect the home at 60 days and again at 12 months to make sure that everything is still working the way you envisioned it.


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