2021 Interior Design Trends

The pandemic has many of us spending more time in our homes than even before. And we’re all probably getting a little tired of the same furniture, wall colors, flooring and overall décor. If redecorating or even rejuvenating is on your mind, here are a few of the hottest new trends for 2021. 

  • The color gray has been very popular for the last couple of years and just when you think it’s on its way out, some brilliant designer pairs a traditional neutral gray with a bright happy yellow to create an entire new décor trend. Making waves in everything from fashion to home décor, these Pantone colors, Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, truly define the depth and honesty of the two shades. Need to decorate on a budget and already have a room full of gray? Simply change decorative accessories including lamp shades, area rugs, throw pillows and bathroom and kitchen accents to yellow to brighten and refresh any room. 
  • Ready for a complete change? Architectural Digest is predicting bold bright vibrant colors and patterns are going to be making quite the splash in 2021. With so much angst and uncertainty in the world people are filling their homes with organic and energetic shapes and materials often found in nature. Things like curved sofas, geometrically shaped coffee and end tables are balanced by oversized fabric combos including grassy green paired with fuchsia and raspberry sorbet coupled with the above mentioned Illuminating yellow, bringing joy to any routine space. 
  • Versatility is a 2021 design buzzword. Previously infrequently used rooms are being transformed into multi-purpose spaces full of versatile furniture creatively pulling double duty. 
  • Bidets first began gaining traction here in America during the great toilet paper shortage of 2020 and they are still making their mark in 2021. A common fixture overseas, the benefits of a bidet has many homeowners calling their plumbers. 
  • Forget the traditional family room. For 2021 entertainment rooms are calling the shots. Since so many outside the home activities have been cancelled or scaled back, designer Brad Ford has said, “Staying in is the new going out. Since people have had to adjust to what outside entertainment looks like, I think you’re going to see more attention to what that looks like inside the home.” And to make the most of it homeowners are investing in big screen televisions, state-of-the-art sound systems, comfortable sectional seating arrangements and practical but flattering lighting. See more beautifully designed dish and glassware along with serving pieces; and small kitchen appliances that in the past would be considered an unnecessary extravagance. 

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