A Home Theater? Yes, Please!

Once considered an extravagance and only included in higher net worth homes, a home theater, or dedicated media room, has definitely gained popularity, especially since the onset of Covid. From a spare bedroom, to converting a garage, attic or basement, or even adding on an entire new wing, a home theater can take family movie night to the next level as well as increasing your home’s property value. 

Tips for the Creating the Best Experience 

With a home theater a true movie theater experience is as simple as wandering downstairs, turning on the popcorn machine, flipping a couple of control switches for the projector, lights and sound system and then picking the best seat in the house. Just keep these tips in mind when beginning the process. 

  • A home theater needs to be a dedicated space. Any distractions will simply lessen the entire cinematic experience. Don’t try to combine a home theater with the kid’s playroom, den, or any part of an open floor plan. 
  • Size matters, both screen size and room size. The space must be able to accommodate the anticipated screen size. A large wall-sized screen will require enough overall square footage for proper viewing distance. This is especially true if you are planning on including a video projector rather than a standard disc player. 
  • Determine how to control outside ambient lighting. There is a reason commercial movie theaters don’t have windows. And don’t forget to ditch anything shiny or reflective. All painted surfaces need to be matte or flat. No shiny doorknobs, light fixtures or trim kits. You don’t want anything to reflect the light or image from the screen. 

Can A Home Theater Increase Your Property Value?

The answer is: absolutely! In the past, homes with extras like pools, hot tubs, home theaters and putting greens were considered frivolous extravagances and when listed for sale, often languished on the market while waiting for just the right buyer. Now due to Covid, potential homebuyers are actively searching for properties with stay-at-home activities installed and ready to go. Often a home theater isn’t on the “must have” list for first-time homebuyers until they begin considering all the options a dedicated media room provides. 

Most Realtors agree you shouldn’t add on a dedicated home theater simply to increase your home’s value, but the convenience of avoiding a crowded theater, along with watching a movie in the comfort of your own home while enjoying snacks other than just soggy popcorn and watered-down soda, is definitely worth taking into consideration. And unlike other upgrades that require regular maintenance, generally a media room and all its components only need a weekly dusting and the occasion software update. 

Plus, research done by homewyse indicates the actual return on investment (ROI) can be between 61 to 72 percent of the initial construction/installation cost depending on outside variables including the overall condition of the home and the local current housing supply market. 

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