Aging in Place Home Remodeling

Read any article about baby boomers and you’ll learn one of the biggest challenges seniors face is being able to live in their homes comfortably and safely as they age. Whether for a family member or perhaps you’re planning ahead for your golden years, these aging in place home remodeling tips will help address the varying needs of an aging population. 

Aging in Place Home Remodeling Tips

  • Stairs can present a definite challenge as many seniors end up with knee, hip and balance concerns. Many two-story homes have all the bedrooms upstairs and the cost of a major add-on isn’t cheap. Consider turning the downstairs formal dining room and/or living room into a new master suite complete with an en-suite bath. Or if you use all your downstairs space, you may want to research an in-home elevator or stairlift. 
  • Make the bathroom more age friendly by getting rid of that traditional bathtub. In its place add either a walk-in tub or a curbless shower stall. Then include a shower seat, a handheld shower sprayer and grab bars. Replace fixture knobs with easier to turn levers. If hand movement is a real concern investigate a foot pedal faucet or touchless faucet and soap dispenser. More grab bars should be installed around the toilet and if standing and/or sitting is a problem look into either replacing the current toilet with a taller model or adding a raised seat. 
  • For those with mobility issues it may be necessary to widen doorways and replace standard hanging doors with pocket doors so a wheelchair can easily maneuver. Also make sure there is at least one no-step entry coming into the home. 
  • Review home lighting both during the day and at night. Eyesight changes as one ages and it may become necessary to add more fixtures, higher wattage bulbs, and perhaps even replace traditional light switch plates with rocker or touch-light switches. 
  • Practical tips include: getting rid of clutter, removing small rugs that may become a tripping hazard, keeping a cell or cordless phone next to the bed or by the most frequently used chair, and adding nightlights to the bathroom, bedroom and hallways. 

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