Clean, Crisp and Uncluttered – A Style Whose Time Has Come

Perhaps it’s because so many of us are working from home these days and we’re missing the cool clean sleek design many businesses embrace or we’re simply tired of spending so much extra time cleaning and arranging all that stuff that somehow we’ve accumulated over the years. Whatever your reason, simple and uncluttered is one of spring’s hottest decorating trends. 

Begin with the Basics 

When considering paint and wall coverings focus on a calm color palette with an eye toward light understated neutrals. Keep wall decorations to a minimum and be selective when it comes to accent accessories.

Select flooring materials that are easy to maintain and bring a modern sleek feel to the room. Light hardwoods, neutral tiles and polished concrete are all good choices. Choose rugs made from natural materials like bamboo, hemp, or jute for warmth.
Flood each room with natural light by leaving windows unadorned or installing blinds. Today’s wide variety of unique fixtures provides a plethora of lighting opportunities from unobtrusive to bold. Track and rope lighting can easily blend into the surrounding décor; while statement pieces like this Tilen Sepic Eclipse fixture does double duty as illuminated wall art. Oversized tripod floor lamps take on the look and feel of furniture and table lamps are now free to express their individuality rather than being a partner in a matched set. 

Functional Styling Takes Center Stage

It doesn’t matter how great a room looks if it doesn’t provide a warm, welcoming vibe. Look at each space with an eye toward what you want the room to be, but remember, for any décor to truly be successful, it has to be functional. The key to achieving both is often found in collaborative pieces; for example, a bed headboard with built-in nightstands and integrated drawers underneath. Or freestanding modular storage cabinets complete with matching doors showcasing a clean streamlined effect.

Bespoke furniture may be an option as you have pieces created exactly for your specific needs. From a custom sofa for an oddly shaped living room to bookcases wrapped around an exposed chimney, bespoke furniture is the ultimate in planned furniture placement. Love your current home but realize everything from the design to the décor shouts hello! 1995? This is where Compass Construction shines. Let us use our talents to bring your home into 2021. We are the Upstate’s rejuvenation specialists. From one room to an entire residence, if you can dream it, we can make it a reality.

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