Considering Adding a Bidet? Keep These Tips in Mind

For many of us the great toilet paper shortage of 2020 is still lurking around in the back of our minds, to the point some of you may be researching a bidet. You don’t need to waste all day checking out dozens of websites when Compass Construction has all the info you need right here. Please note for this article the focus is on standalone classic bidets and combo toilets, a toilet with a built-in bidet.


While you want your bidet to be visually appealing it should also be designed for total functionality. Any bidet you’re considering needs to ensure all sensitive areas to be cleaned can be easily reached. The water handles should be conveniently located, with separate knobs for hot and cold to allow for maximum water temperature control. A well placed and properly sized overflow port is essential. Selecting a bidet with a standard sink plug offers a wider range of cleaning options.

The overall design and style of today’s bidet is as varied as the rest of your bathroom plumbing fixtures. Traditional bidets are constructed from ceramic or porcelain material and are available in a wide range of styles from contemporary to old-school retro. Then you also have the option of selecting the number of mounting holes, the perfect water handles and faucet, and the style and shape of the seat, round or elongated. 

Electric versus Non-Electric 

When you go electric you have a choice of features including a heated seat, a self-sanitizing mode, a warm air dryer and even a remote control. 

  • Heated seats: no more sitting down on a cold toilet or bidet seat in the middle of winter. Just set the temperature control to your liking and as long as the setting is on, the seat will automatically heat to your desired temperature. 
  • Self-sanitizing mode: many bidet manufacturers now offer antimicrobial wands that can be programmed to self-rinse with a refillable antimicrobial solution. The wand itself is treated with a microbicidal coating so the risk of contamination or infection is rare. 
  • Additional options include some pretty cool features. For the ultimate in no-hands convenience consider adding the auto lid open function, the slow closing lid and seat function, along with the dual auto flush feature. There are even models with seat sensors so when someone sits the bidet automatically turns on. Then after the person rises, the bidet turns off. Don’t want to constantly be turning buttons and settings on and off? Consider including a wireless remote that allows you to preset the most frequently used features.

No matter what type of bidet you select, using one on a regular basis helps the environment. Less trees are cut down to make toilet paper. A bidet uses less water than a regular flushing toilet and with less water going into the local sewer and waste water system, there is less leftover solid waste material to dispose of. And on a public health note, because bidets make cleaning basically a hands-free event, less infectious diseases are passed from person to person. 

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