Interior Door Ideas

It’s time to shake things up! For many years, interior doors, much like interior ceilings, have been a forgotten medium. Content to live in the background and let flooring, wall coverings and furnishings take center stage, it’s time to let interior doors have their moment. 

Barn Doors

A style that has gained in popularity over the last few years, a barn door is a great way to add space and dimension along with a touch of your own personal decorating philosophy. Once associated with farmhouse or country chic, mainly because of the heavy wood and rustic hardware, today’s barn doors have attained a new sense of versatility and flair. Vintage recycled wood now frames textured, colored or translucent glass panels. Or opt for a clean sleek look. A solid white barn door paired with stainless steel hardware sets the tone for a contemporary modernistic décor. While styling a barn door as if it were an accent wall, by going bold and bright, adds a pop of color.  Though matte black and copper never go out of style, updated barn door hardware options are a union of aesthetics and function. Available in a wide range of metals, finishes and styles allows for easy coordination with the room’s overall décor. 

Dutch Doors

Comprised of two separate pieces, a well-constructed Dutch door is definitely more labor intensive that a traditional solid wood door or a mass-produced engineered panel door. A Dutch door also requires additional hardware. But along with the obvious aesthetic appeal, a Dutch door brings so many practical features to the table. An interior Dutch door can section off certain rooms keeping children and pets at bay while allowing a degree of supervision if necessary. This type of door also assists with limited air flow in rooms with the potential for excess moisture, such as laundry rooms, bathrooms and basement living spaces. Plus, a Dutch door styled with inset glass panes can brightened a room with limited natural light. 

Pocket Doors 

 Made popular during the Victorian era, this retractable door style adds privacy when room for a traditional hinged swing door is limited. This often translates into smaller spaces like bathrooms, closets or connecting two rooms such as an en suite bath or a foyer leading into another living space. For even smaller spaces such as a kitchen pantry a single pocket door is a great option. 

Just because pocket doors disappear into the wall, doesn’t mean you have to settle for the boring and uninspired. Many pocket doors available today showcase a clean minimalist look and feel. But they are also the perfect canvas for exploring color and texture, including stained glass, eye-catching paint shades and exotic hardwoods or veneers

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