Let Smart Home Technology Enhance Your Life

Remember when the latest smart home technology was remote control drapes and lights that plugged into a timer? Welcome to the 21st century, where if you can dream of a smart home convenience, it has probably already been developed. 


There has been some form of “smart” home lighting since the 1940’s. When first developed it was mainly used by businesses to control their store signage and to turn on oil and gas burners in apartment buildings, factories and department stores. It wasn’t until 1952 that a suitable device for household use was created. 

Now not only can your lights be controlled by an app but there are also light bulbs that respond by both voice control and smart phone. Bulbs with colored LEDS change colors with a tap of a button. A simple voice command can turn lighting for reading to mood lighting for dinner. 

Wireless light fixtures mean you never have to walk into a dark home. They can be used for home security, linked to a personal weather station so that when a storm is on the horizon your lights will adjust accordingly and even grouped together in each room or zone for ambiance. 

Smart Bathrooms 

Technology once found only in public restrooms has made the move into personal homes. No longer will those water bills be sky high thanks to two popular types of home smart faucets; one contains a sensor that is triggered by motion while the other requires a slight touch to get the water flowing. 

Today’s smart bathroom may also include a touchless soap dispenser, a toilet complete with a motion sensor nightlight, an app activated electric towel warmer and even a waterproof wireless speaker so you can listen to music or your favorite podcast while showering. 

Necessary and Fun Doorbell: A wireless smart doorbell complete with camera is a great safety feature. Controlled by an app or virtual assistant, a motion detecting doorbell allows you to see outside your door even when you’re away from home. 
Robot Vacuum: Some of these robotic floor and rug sweeping appliances now include a mopping feature. Complete with a timer, many of the new robot vacuums include self disposal, smart-mapping, automatically return to home base when finished cleaning and can be powered by voice control and smart apps. Virtual Assistants, Speakers and Hubs: From turning on music to facetiming with the kids, starting the washing machine to adjusting the thermostat, this is must have technology. You can use a smart tech hub to follow a recipe or watch a video. Ask your device to tune in your favorite radio station or find out what the weather will be. The possibilities are endless when you invest in one of these virtual personal assistants. 
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