Maximizing Under Stairs Space

For most of us it seems as though no matter how carefully you design your home there comes a time when you could use a bit more room; and homes with stairs offer several creative ways to incorporate additional space options. 

Begin by deciding exactly what you need. Are you having a problem finding room for all the kid’s toys? Or perhaps the stairs are located right next to an exterior entryway and you don’t have space for a coat closet or mudroom. Check out these unique but practical ideas. 

Book Nook 

Are those stacks and stacks of books threatening to overtake your bedroom nightstand, den coffee table and living room bookcase? Consider creating not only under the stairs bookcases, but depending on the width of the stairs themselves you may be able to include a comfy chair or loveseat, small end or coffee table, and a couple dedicated reading lamps. 

Kitchen and Bath Pantry 

In today’s world of supply chain problems what once might have been considered hoarding is now simply a way of life. And if storage for all that extra toilet paper, personal hygiene products, cleaning supplies, and an ever-changing list of cooking and baking items has become a challenge, then opening up the space under the staircase and retrofitting it with wooden or adjustable wire rack shelving, may be one way to solve this particular storage problem. Depending on the space you might want to install a small kitchen cart and don’t forget to add lighting and include a whiteboard or paint an area with chalkboard paint so you easily keep an up-to-date inventory. 

Utility Room, Mud Room or Coat Closet 

Perhaps your floorplan has your main exterior door leading into an area taken up mainly by stairs heading up to another floor. Utilizing the space under the stairs is the ideal spot for any or all of these three uses. Separate one section for cleaning supplies. Design the middle to accommodate coats, hats, umbrellas and rain boots. And then configure the remaining space for less frequently used items like seasonal outerwear, holiday decor and sporting equipment. 

Powder Room 

Under the stairs is the perfect place for a custom designed powder room. Start with a toilet and pedestal sink. If space allows include a cabinet or free-floating shelves. Install a mirror, sconce lighting, a towel rack and you’re done. And when it comes to the overall decor, the sky is the limit! Go bold. Go bright. Go crazy! Let your true artistic side shine. 

Other Cool Ideas

  • Wine Room
  • Children’s Playroom
  • Pet Kennel
  • Linen Closet
  • Home office or study nook for the kids. 
  • Wet bar or coffee station.
  • General storage with custom shelving and drawers. 

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