Personalize Your Powder Room

Powder rooms are notoriously small but they can hold a lot of decorating pizzazz. No matter the latest colors, designs or fads, your powder room can easily be personalized to reflect your true style. From wild to mild, the only rule when it comes to powder room décor is: do what makes you happy. 

Bold and Elegant

Select a rich jewel color and paint anything wood: walls, mouldings, window frames and millwork. These rich vibrant hues including emerald green, ruby red, amethyst purple, sapphire blue and citrine yellow bring unexpected personality to an often overlooked small space. Depending on your overall vision a tasteful pedestal sink lends itself to a clean simplistic look, while a heavy dark wood vanity brings elegance and class to the room. Keep lighting fixtures and faucet and cabinetry hardware understated but include a dramatic show shopping mirror to really make a statement.   

Fun and Flirty  

Let your playful side come out in a half-bath decorated in happy and lively colors. Bright colorful wallpaper full of flowers, animals, seashore scenes or geometric patterns work well with traditional white fixtures. Not certain a particular pattern is going to work? Consider adding removable wallpaper. And keep in mind, since this wallpaper won’t be in a full bath it doesn’t need to be moisture resistant. 

Not into wallpaper? No worries, you can still get the same effect with paint or tile. Glass mosaics, subway tiles, large format tiles, faux-textured tiles, literally if you can dream it chances are pretty good there is tile to create it.  If paint is more your thing you are in luck. These days basically every color of the rainbow is available right down the road at your friendly neighborhood paint store. From solid colored walls to stripes, swirls or even your own unique design, the beauty of paint, in addition to all the awesome shades, is the fact once you’re bored with a particular color, simply paint over it. 

Monochromatic Modern

Monochromatic doesn’t have to be boring. Choose one color and use its different hues to make a strong contemporary statement.  Select one shade for the walls, another shade for the floor and a third for any millwork or cabinetry. A flat panel vanity with room to store paper goods and cleaning supplies is sleek, modern and practical. Top with a marble or poured concrete slab countertop and include an integrated sink. Tie everything together by selecting the latest in contemporary hardware and fixtures to highlight the edgier modern lines. 

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