Property Upgrades That Add Value

Ever found yourself wanting to, no, be honest here, needing to rejuvenate your home but at a standstill because it seems as though the entire house could benefit from some TLC, and you don’t have any idea on where to start? Then there’s the budget. You might really want to redo all the bedrooms, but is a complete kitchen upgrade a better ROI (return on investment)? Let Compass Construction shed some light on the situation. 

Home rejuvenation don’ts 

First a quick note, not everything is going to bring you a ROI. Often homeowners forget that the cost of routine home maintenance and cosmetic updating are just a part of ownership. Also, be cautious of luxury upgrades and home improvement projects that could possibly price your home out of the surrounding neighborhood. 

Exterior Improvements 

  • The garage door. It sounds weird, but it’s true. Studies have shown a 98% recoup cost for an upgraded garage door. Today’s upscale garage doors built from steel, aluminum, fiberglass, or wood composite are weather resistant, come with energy saving components including glazing and added insulation, and are available in a wide array of aesthetically pleasing designs. 
  • Landscaping. Now, we’re not talking about simply adding a couple pots of flowers to the front porch. While those pops of color are eye catching, you’re going to have to do a bit more; in fact, a landscape architect may be in your future. From sodding an entire yard to adding custom walkways, fountains and specialized shrubbery, these focal points can easily add major value. Plus, outstanding landscaping provides great “first impression” curb appeal
  • Add a deck, porch, or patio. This provides more living space at a lesser cost. And is especially true when exterior lighting, ceiling fans, heat lamps, an outdoor kitchen, and dedicated seating areas are included.

Interior Improvements 

  • Update a kitchen. The kitchen is one space that even a minor rejuvenation is worth the money. In fact, often you’ll end up with a greater ROI when doing and spending less. Fresh paint, new countertops and flooring, modernized lighting, plumbing fixtures, cabinet hardware and appliances can all go along way in making a dated kitchen look and feel brand new  This is the one room, along with a bathroom, that is the exception to the no cosmetic upgrade rule.  
  • New energy efficient windows. A feature that catches the eye of potential homebuyers and definitely on the appraiser’s list, new windows offer not only a considerable ROI, you also will reap the benefits of lower energy costs. Plus, today’s window design which allows each section to tilt out for easy cleaning is a great selling point. 
  • Finish out that unused space. Take advantage of the attic or basement by at minimum adding drywall, flooring, and HVAC abilities. Go one step further and include floor coverings, paint the walls and ceiling, and install lighting. Just keep in mind, there may be additional costs for necessary attic insulation and moisture remedies in the basement area.

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