Refresh that Tired Laundry Room

For most homeowners, the washer and dryer are no longer tucked away in a dark dirty basement, surrounded by old boxes full of junk and lite only by a single dim light bulb. But conveniently located doesn’t mean that your laundry room couldn’t use a bit of updating. 

Behind Closed Doors 

Perhaps instead of a room, you have a laundry closet. There are still plenty of practical ways to increase space and make it an area, however small, that you enjoy when those doors are open.

  • Small square footage can definitely benefit from brilliant paint shades. Go bright and bold with major splashes of color that complement your home’s overall décor. 
  • Sometimes busy is better so don’t discount a patterned wallpaper. In small spaces wallpaper can add definition and allow your personality to shine. Select a pattern that you may be hesitate to use in a larger room. Showcasing a fun and flirty design will give that drab space some much needed character…and might just make you smile on laundry day. 
  • With the popularity of front-loading washers more appliance manufacturers are making stackable units. Stack your set and take advantage of that extra space. There should be enough room left for a small table for sorting and folding, a hanging rack and a cabinet or shelf for laundry and cleaning products. 

Dedicated Space for the Win!

Fortunate enough to have a dedicated laundry room? Take advantage of every square inch. 

  • Make a strong statement with storage. Laundry room ceiling to floor built-in cabinetry is super practical. Use the easy to reach areas for laundry detergents, fabric care products and cleaning supplies. The higher harder to reach spaces are perfect for storing holiday decorations and infrequently used dishware, serving dishes and small appliances. The bottom shelves or cabinets can hold extra canned goods and paper products. 
  • Redoing the flooring? It is important to select a material that is durable and waterproof, making tile a great option. Both porcelain and ceramic tiles repel bacteria, resist staining, and won’t absorb odor. While natural stone and cement tiles or slabs are definitely durable and easy to clean, they aren’t stain resistant and must be resealed every few years. For those on a budget consider installing vinyl. From tiles to luxury faux hardwood planks, vinyl is moisture resistant, available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, easy to install, and super affordable. 
  • Islands are no longer simply for kitchens. Including a laundry room island allows you to have a convenient folding table along with extra drawer, cabinet and shelving space. Add bar stools and it becomes a great spot for the kids to do homework or enjoy arts and crafts projects. Want even more versatility? Designate a space for all your gift-wrapping paraphernalia and the island turns into your own personal gift-wrapping station. 

Need more ideas on how to reconfigure your laundry space for maximum efficiency? From a complete laundry room rejuvenation to an entire home remodel, the professionals at Compass Construction are the best in the business. We focus on your needs, work within your budget, and keep you involved throughout each step of the process. For more information or to schedule an appointment please call us today at 864-627-8804, or simply use our convenient and secure online contact form.