Rejuvenated Foyers, Entranceways and Mudrooms

Spaces that are often overlooked in terms of remodeling, renovating, or rejuvenating are those essential everyday entrances. Don’t neglect your foyer, entranceway, or mudroom especially since these spaces can easily, and often inexpensively, be updated. 


Just as curb appeal makes the first impression of the exterior of your home, a foyer makes the first impression of your home’s interior.

  • Give your foyer its own personality by adding wallpaper. Select a design that sets the tone for the rest of the home or go wild and let the foyer take center stage. 
  • You can never have too much storage. Plus, it’s a nice inviting touch to have a place for guests to leave their outerwear and personal belongings. 
  • Make your foyer both pretty and practical. Start by adding a stylish weather hardy rug or runner. Add a size appropriate table or chest topped with a bowl or basket for keys and mail. A small table lamp, a vase of fresh flowers and a casually arranged display of family photos are all nice homey touches. 


Smaller and narrower than a traditional foyer an entranceway can still make a major statement. 

  • Add a decorative mirror to reflect light while creating the illusion of space. 
  • Often the size of an entranceway makes a standing coat rack or a row of hooks much more practical that a standard sized chest or cabinet. 
  • Looking for something more permanent when it comes to your high traffic entranceway flooring? Since the space is a bit more compact consider durable natural slate tile, a polished concrete slab, or create the perfect country cottage look by installing recycled brick pavers. 


Almost always found at or near the rear door of a home, often an interior mudroom takes the place of a back porch. Now frequently partnered with a laundry room, today’s mudroom, designed with sought after amenities, can actually increase your home’s value. 

  • Customization is the name of the game when it comes to rejuvenating a mudroom. Anything that provides extra storage is certainly a plus. From open cubbies to floor to ceiling lockers, custom storage benches with easy access lids to a built-in desk/office space, the more storage and functional options, the better.
  • Including a dedicated dog wash station is a practical necessity for pets and their owners. Not only is it an easy way of keeping your fur buddy clean but it’s also a convenient space for hanging wet rain gear, rinsing off muddy feet and cleaning up after those messy craft projects. 
  • For the laundry room potion of a mudroom make sure to include long stretches of counterspace for plenty of sorting and folding room and a separate cabinet or shelf for laundry products. For those quick touch-ups, a built-in ironing board is a huge plus. Also, depending on your preference, don’t forget to include either a permanent hanging clothes rod, or if your home is all on one level you may want to consider a convenient rolling garment rack. 

As 2021 comes to close, Compass Construction would like to take this time to thank all our clients, past and present for their support. We also want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and we look forward to collaborating with you to make your home rejuvenation project a reality in 2022.