Remodel, Renovate, Rejuvenate: What is the Difference?

When browsing design magazines or checking out home decorating websites you’ll often see the words remodel-renovate-rejuvenate used to describe the same action. But do they all really mean the same thing? 

Let’s begin by listing the official Merriman Webster definitions. 

  • Remodel:  to alter the structure of; to remake.
  • Renovate: to restore to a former better state (as by cleaning, repairing or rebuilding.
  • Rejuvenate: to give new vigor to; to restore to an original or new state. 
  • From these definitions it seems there is a bit of cross-over when it comes to the similarities of these three words, especially renovate and rejuvenate. 


According to home improvement star Bob Vila a remodel is the “process of changing the functionality and the design of an area.” This may include major structural changes such as removing walls, relocating doors and windows, moving built-in cabinetry and major appliances. Also adding a new addition falls under the category of a remodel. Basically when remodeling, something new is being created by altering the design or structure. 


When renovating you are making something new; not by creating something brand new such as a room addition, but by reviving what is already there. This could include everything from repainting rooms, ceilings and cabinets to updating kitchen and bath hardware, modernizing lighting fixtures and upgrading interior room and closet doors. Bottom line: the essence of the original design is still present; it has simply been raised to a new updated standard.  


From the above definitions renovate and rejuvenate are very similar but here at Compass Construction we feel a home rejuvenation makes a bigger impact. It puts you, the homeowner, in control of giving your home a second life. Perhaps you’re considering adding a mother-in-suite over the garage while at the same time getting rid of all that old dated carpeting and replacing it with brand new bamboo flooring in the main house. While by definition that is both a remodel and a renovation, to us that’s rejuvenation; a marriage between the best of what remodel and renovation has to offer. 
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