Selecting the Right Color Makes All the Difference

Ever walk into a room and just feel something is off? Impeccably decorated and pristinely spotless, something you just can’t put your finger on bothers you. Chances are it’s the paint. Not the paint finish, though in some cases selecting the wrong texture does make a difference. It’s the right color or shade of the paint that is needed.

Setting the Tone

Walls are simply a room’s canvas. When you start considering a paint color you are in essence setting the mood of the room. Bright vibrant colors spark a happy energetic vibe; while darker shades may project an old-world elegance or an edgy avant-garde sense of style. But it’s important to remember happy and energetic can easily turn into garish and tacky, just as old-world and edgy can quickly morph to dreary and cold, if the original color is too bold or too overpowering for the size of the room. It’s important to take time and research the science behind what colors work best in certain rooms. For example, some decorators agree brighter shades of orange may be over stimulating for a bedroom, but perfect for a home gym. While other designers believe to go with what makes you happy and let those creative juices flow. 

Subtle Differences for the Right Color

Perhaps you like one particular shade of gray. But after painting the room, it’s not what you envisioned. It’s too light, or too dark, or too bold. So you begin the process again, this time selecting a gray so similar it’s almost identical to the original color but with enough of a subtle difference that it changes the entire look and feel of the room. Or it can be changing from a gray to a blue; colors in the same color wheel palette, but with just enough variation to bring your design dream to life. 

Is One Color Really Best? 

For many people, depending on their vision, color continuity is always a consideration. And this can be achieved by using different complementing hues instead of one singular shade. If you are considering one neutral color because you’re planning on selling your home, don’t want the hassle of selecting paint colors, or simply like the total monochromatic look, then you have plenty of options to introduce touches of color in everything from window treatments to floor coverings. 

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