Signature Hardware for Your Kitchen and Bath

Looking for an easy and simple way of updating your home? One of the most effortless things you can do is replace your fixtures in the kitchen and bath with signature hardware. From custom knobs, pulls, cups and hinges that have to be custom ordered, to off the shelf selections, there are a phethora of styles and finishes to select from. Need more info to get started? Compass Construction has the answers. 

Hardware Finishes

Remember the days when your hardware finish choices were either brass or chrome? Well, welcome to the 21st century where finish selections are seemingly endless. In fact, if you’re not careful you can easily become overwhelmed. I mean, does there really need to be a satin nickel and a brushed nickel? Well, obviously someone thought so and it was a clever idea because both are two of the most popular finishes on the market today. Not sure you’re a nickel person? No worries, you have at least two dozen other finishes to select from, not to mention the really cool new trend: living finishes. 

Living finishes are natural unsealed materials including copper, iron and zinc that due to environmental factors such as human touch, cleaning, aging, weather and humidity will over time change and evolve. For example, copper will ultimately acquire verdigris, a dark teal patina created by atmospheric oxidation which exists to protect the inner metal layers. Iron chips will eventually flake off as oxidation causes the metal to corrode, leaving each piece with its own individual shade of rust. The evolution of living finishes provides a unique opportunity to showcase truly custom kitchen and bath hardware. 


The phrase that should be front and center when it comes to hardware design is stylish but functional. The last thing you want is a stunning pull or handle that is difficult to open. Fortunately, the majority of cabinet hardware designers understand the importance of both. 

In addition to knobs, pulls and handles there are also multiple hinge styles on the market to choose from. Several designs are cabinet and door specific while others can be selected simply based on esthetics. Concealed hinges are designed to fade into the background, allowing the cabinet itself to take center stage. Another popular cabinet hinge feature is the self-close hinge, where at a certain point the hinge takes over and the door closes automatically. Taking the self-close hinge one step further is a soft-close hinge. The mechanics are the same, but with a soft-close, there is no audible noise. 

In the past designers recommended kitchen and bath hardware match the room’s permanent fixtures including faucets, showerheads, light fixtures etc., and while this did provide a clean finished look, it often lacked creativity. Today, the trend is for a more visually interesting fusion of mixed metals, along with painted, ceramic and handcrafted hardware. This brings added dimension and character to the space as well as providing a platform for experimentation in colors and texture. 

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