Spring Landscaping Tips

There is still a chill in the air but the calendar officially says spring is here! And that means it’s time to get your yard and garden in shape for the warm spring months coming our way.  Here are some spring landscaping tips.

  • First step is the cleanup. While the Upstate didn’t have that severe of a winter, there was still a little snow, a little ice and a lot of wind; so a yard cleanup and inspection needs to be first on your list. Rake up all the leaves and small twigs, then visually inspect your trees for broken branches or limbs that look diseased or dying. And don’t forget, spring is the best time of the year to have your trees professionally inspected and pruned. 
  • Now that all the lawn debris is gone it probably wouldn’t hurt to have your soil tested. As a living organism, grass requires an accurate pH balance along with certain nutrients in order to properly grow and thrive. This can easily and inexpensively be done through Clemson University, or by your lawn care professional.  
  • Spring is the perfect time for getting a head start on weed control. Applying a pre-emergent product now will save you much aggravation and result in a neater, cleaner yard in the summer months ahead. Crabgrass a problem? Professional tip: when the forsythia is blooming the time is right for spreading crabgrass preventative.  
  • Fresh mulch makes everything look so clean and neat and also helps retain moisture during those hot summer months. Plus adding new mulch around trees, flower beds, shrubs and other planting areas speeds decomposition of the older mulch which adds rich organic nutrients to the surrounding soil. 
  • Check your sprinkler or irrigation system. Make sure all the sprinkler heads are functioning properly and pointing in the right direction. Check for water leaks in the lines and double check that the date/time activation settings are still correct. Open and let the drip end flush run for several minutes.  
  • Before your perennials start blooming now is the time to divide them into smaller bunches. This not only gives you more plants for free but also rejuvenates the original plant by controlling its size. 
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