Stylish Ceilings

Who knew the adage “everything old is new again” would one day apply to ceilings? During the 15th and 16th century hand painted frescos and murals were all the rage. Then the Gilded Age introduced rolled tin plated steel ceilings. Now ceilings feature unique architectural detailing in everything from metals, wallpaper, paint, wood and even fabric.  

Looking for a cool way of adding a bit of pizzazz to your home? Check out these stylish ceiling ideas.

  • Often considered the “fifth wall” this California home has added depth to the foyer by painting the ceiling a bold deep contrasting shade. Look closely and you’ll see that while the color seems to only match the ceiling light fixture trim, in reality it becomes the perfect complementing neutral to the rest of space.  
  • Have a plain white smooth ceiling you want to jazz up but aren’t sure exactly what you want? Try adding fabric! Go light and gauzy for a sunroom, playroom or kid’s bedroom. Add something a bit more elegant in a formal living room, dining room or study. And remember, just as the sky is the limit when it comes to fabric selections, the same holds true for draping methods. 
  • Wooden panels and planks help give a warm homey look and feel to any room. These options are often chosen not only for their ambience but also for the wealth of selections in wood types, finishes and even designs and patterns. Plus they are easy to install over both pre-existing drywall and drop ceilings.
  • A beam, tray, multi-tier, or coffer ceiling may require a bit more planning, but in the end will be well worth the effort. While many homeowners think these types of ceilings have to be installed during new construction, today with the right design team and construction crew, if you can envision it, it can probably become reality.   
  • Searching for the ultimate architectural element to create that perfect “wow” moment? Or perhaps you have a room that is so dark and drab no amount of lighting helps. Then it’s time to go organic and add a glass skylight ceiling. Natural sunshine has such a cleansing effect and installing a skylight can instantly change the entire mood of a room. Just make sure you know your east from your west and plan accordingly. But don’t despair if too much sun is a problem. Consider adding gray or bronzed tinted glass in order to reduce harmful ultraviolet rays. Or you may want to consider custom remote controlled shades or blinds.  

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