Wallpaper: Everything Old is New Again

Remember 1970’s bellbottoms? Or those cool Polaroid cameras you had to shake for the picture to develop? They are both making a comeback. So it makes sense some of the more popular past decorating trends are also being revived. For example: wallpaper. From DIY removable wallpaper to 3D landscape panoramas, wallpaper is back and making a bold statement. 

The Latest Wallpaper Trends

Often more dramatic than paint, wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to let your creative side run wide; especially now that the current wallpaper selections aren’t your grandmother’s or even your mother’s choices. Today’s designs range from bold patterns featuring 3D textured murals to contemporary geometrics, panoramic landscapes showcasing tropical botanicals and wall coverings designed to mimic cork, wicker and grasscloth. 

Size Matters 

When selecting wallpaper it’s important to keep the size of the room in perspective. Small prints work better in a small room and large bold prints should be installed in a larger space. Interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard believes, “Too small of a pattern in a larger room can become fussy and annoying, too large can overpower space.” The one exception to that decree is powder rooms. Go bold, go big, go wild. The only limitation to your powder room décor is your own imagination. 

Try Before You Buy

Unless you are planning on installing one of the new peel and stick wallpapers, Bullard suggests purchasing one single roll, hanging it up with painter’s tape and living with it for a week or so. This allows you to see it in different lights, from natural morning sun to late evening table lamps. Or check out some of the latest home design apps where you scan a room, upload a sample and position it to fit the space, giving you a real-time look at the finished wall. 

Helpful Hints

  • Removable wallpaper is great if you simply can’t make up your mind, live in an apartment, or love to change your décor on a regular basis. Easy to install, easy to take down, it is the perfect solution for covering simple wall blemishes and dings that can’t be camouflaged with paint. 
  • Wallpaper for an accent or statement wall is as passé as parachute pants and legwarmers, and the same is true for wallpaper borders. Wallpapering all four walls creates a greater visual look and often provides the finishing touch needed to bring all the decorating components together.  
  • Consider the ceiling your own unique wallpaper canvas. Perhaps you love your wall color but the room still needs a little something more. Go as a bold as you dare and create something exciting. 

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