What to Look for in Exterior Solar Lights

Exterior solar lights has become an increasing popular option to conventional wired exterior lights. Not only is installation seamless but there is no increase in your monthly electric bill since they are powered by the sun, they can be installed in a wide variety of areas with very little effort and are easy to relocate if necessary. But with so many different solar lights on the market today, offering a wide variety of sizes, options and features, how do you select the right lights for your walkway, porch or deck? 

Location Plays a Big Role

  • First step is to decide where you want solar lights. Many people use them for everything from security to landscape accents. You can also illuminate walkways, driveways and decks. Add ambience lighting for nighttime get-togethers or create a romantic setting around a pool or hot tub. The next important step is making sure you have enough direct sunlight so the solar lights can receive a full charge. Solar units that are consistently undercharged will eventually lose the ability to properly charge. It is also important to note the quality of the solar cell, often called a photovoltaic cell, has a hand in how long a light will stay illuminated. 
  • Where the lights will be located play a major role in the color or shade of lighting. For example, you’ll probably want a brighter light framing a walkway than around a flowerbed. Since almost all solar lights are fitted with LED bulbs, which produce a bright white light, if you want a softer, warmer shade, then select solar lights with tinted covers rather than those with a clear plastic or glass cover. The size of the LED bulb and number of lumens also determine how bright the light will be and while larger LED’s are more expensive, in the long run, it may be worth the extra cost. 
  • Do your battery life homework. Yes, the sun does the heavy lifting, but like so many other things, batteries are required. Just as with the higher end LED bulbs, top of the line batteries, especially lithium ion batteries, allows a solar light to shine just as bright at 15 percent battery strength as it did at 100 percent. Plus Li-ion batteries can double, and in some cases, triple the amount of charge held over a standard old-school battery.

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